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Have you noticed how on top of my game I am re: SEO and sticky headlines? Waiting for the potatoes. Sheesh.

After my whingefest in the previous post the most remarkable thing happened. It’s odd, this blogging thing – it really does feel as though you’re writing into the void, and that – if you’re lucky – your mum might read a post, but that’s about it (hi, mum). So I had my whinge and my whine and felt thoroughly, um, cathartised (that’s not a word, is it? Should be). And then, within minutes, I got a little message from a friend on Facebook, and then another one popped up, and then several more, and then an email popped up, and another one, and then a note from someone else. Some of them were proper friends, some were old colleagues, one or two of them I’ve barely even worked with, one of them was a client from six years ago. And they all said really, really nice things. Which meant that although I woke up on Wednesday morning feeling thoroughly sorry for myself, I went to bed on Wednesday night feeling all cosy and comforted and supported and loved, and also (and this isn’t to be sniffed at) not bad at my job. So that was nice.

And there was one thing I failed to mention in that previous post. To ‘celebrate’ my redundancy, I was taken out for dinner at a super posh restaurant in Bath called Menu Gordon Jones. It looks like a shop when you drive past it, but if you’re lucky enough to get a reservation, oh dear lord, the food. The FOOD. I honestly, no word of a lie, hand on heart, ate ducks’ tongues. Which were one tiny part of one of the seven courses we were treated to. So that was also nice. Although to be fair, of the whole menu, I probably wouldn’t eat ducks’ tongues again. They were a bit… tonguey.

Ah. The Kraken awakes. A little early, but that’s the nature of Krakens. With any luck his potatoes will be cooked by now.